Beads Beads Beads. Beads for breakfast, Beads for lunch and Beads for dinner. Beads Beads Beads all day and all night. Beads all the time!


So last week I was walking through Value VIllage and came across a bead loom, which is exactly what I had been looking for. I had already picked up some beads for practice and now I have got the loom.

The Loom that I bought looks exactly like the one pictured to the left.

I have not gone to any classes, just read books and taught myself the rest. I know there are plenty of beaders out there so if you have any tips on what type of loom would work best for making bracelets, necklaces etc. Let me know in the comments. I have been told this one does it all, but I am not completely sure, so any knowledge you may have would be greatly appreciated.



“I am quite nervous about stepping foot inside somewhere that everyone knows what they are doing and what all the pieces and tools are called and I am a little afraid of looking like an idiotBut part of my recovery is to do things that make me uncomfortable, as those are probably going to be the most rewarding things for me to accomplish.


So please do not hold back! If you have got any advice or just something to say to help me start on my way, I would be very excited to hear it. I know there are so many talented ladies (and gents) out there and I want to be one of them 🙂

If you know of any classes starting up in Victoria please feel free to post them on here. I am sure I am not the only one interested in this, considering the number of bead stores we have in our little city. Also Feel free to let me know about beading classes or your neighborhood bead stores in your location, wherever you may be. I would love to see the kind of stores every where else has!

I also found this gem in Value Village. It is called The Beading Answer Book by Karen Morris. So far I have found it to be almost a beading Bible, with everything I could ever imagine being inside. Beading with a loom, Beading without. What all the lingo means and how to do just about anything I can think of to do with beading.

Buy The Beading Answer Book by Karen Morris on Amazon.

I am sure that there is a lot more to learn as well, so if you have any books or websites that you think are just as good or BETTER than The Beading Answer Book, then please comment with links to where I can find them.

I have also thought about possibly incorporating old school FriendShip Bracelets into the mix with or without beads, or just for finishing off ends etc. I am quite excited for where this may go. Hopefully I will get some samples up soon for you to check out. But in the meantime, please keep sending me your ideas and helpful hints or just whatever you feel like saying!

Till next time. Stay safe and stay true to yourself.

Carly Leigh

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